Meet our most loved Cork Peanut

The peanut-shaped, self massage ball is a much overlooked myofascial release tool. It has the mobility of a roller while being able to reach those trigger points a massage ball would normally release. Plus, our cork version is small enough to keep in your handbag!
Keep reading to discover 5 ways to use the Meraki Cork Peanut to help release tension throughout your entire body. 

5 ways to use our Cork Peanut... 

1. Shoulder

With the cork peanut upright, lean forwards onto it to utilise the extra reach and leverage, assisting with any trigger point releases. We love using it to get deep into our shoulders and glutes! 

2. Neck 

Lie back onto the cork peanut with your neck resting on the dip in the middle, to help relieve built up pressure within your neck or from headaches. Feel the mental release with each exhale.

3. Upper Back 

Increase thoracic mobility and release your upper back, by placing the cork peanut in line with your shoulder blades and upper back. Feel as the peanut sculpts the natural curve of your spine. It's a place that is hard to reach yet stores a lot of build up tension from our hunched backs after long days of work. 

4. Middle Back

Use the peanut's shape to leave space for your spine whilst massaging the muscles that run down either side, by placing it between the mat and your middle back.

5. Lower Back

Exhale as you slowly massage our cork peanut into your lumbar spine. The lower portion of your spine absorbs a lot of weight and stress from your entire body. It has little movement and rotation, so let the peanut work it's magic! 

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