Mantra Collection

To take your mind beyond thought. 

Introducing Mantra, a colourful and contemporary collection of mats that exude playfulness and cultivate calm. Three humble mantras are brought to life in three distinct colourways, coast, heat and shade.

Crafted from our signature non-slip, sweat-absorbent microfibre and complete with a carry strap, the Mantra collection will inspire you to show up and stand out. 

Choose your mantra. Move your way.  

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Checkmate Collection

Take control of your day. 

Designed as the ultimate addition to your daily hustle. Be empowered, be strong, be authentic and shape your future. With its non-slip, sweat-absorbent qualities our checkmate collection is ready to seize the day with you.

Complete with a carry strap for ease of use, our microfibre yoga mats are soft to touch and made to sweat.

Now available in two colourways; Shell and Palm.

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Essentials Collection

Designed to energise and support your physical, emotional and energetic wellbeing

Our Essentials Collection is made up of a selection of carefully curated cork accessories designed to alleviate pain, increase blood flow and promote circulation. 
Each accessory comes in a stylish and sustainable canvas tote that enjoys not only trips to the studio but also long walks along the beach and late-night grocery store adventures.

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